Alternative Service Breaks

N.C. State’s Center for Student Leadership, Ethics, and Public Service offers an annual program called ASB–the Alternative Service Break, in which sends approximately 300 faculty, staff, and students to nearly twenty locations around the world on service trips during the fall, winter, and spring breaks every year.

Belize 2013

During the spring break of 2013, I attended N.C. State’s Alternative Service Breaks to Belize to work on environmental and Fair Trade issues.

With all of your help I was able to raise $400 for my trip. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who donated. Thank you!

Why I’m Fundraising

The Only Gift I’m Asking For
The Fun in Fundraising

Before the Trip

Accidental Beginnings
Points of Experience
Belize It or Not

You Better Belize It
It’s Just Not Fair
Cacao Kapow!
Caffeine Rush
Service in Action

After the Trip

A Tourist Attraction
I’m on a Boat (poem)
Of All the Drying Racks in the World
Atop the Waves (poem)
The Point of Privilege

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