“Service” is a new term for me to name a feeling I’ve always had: the desire to help those around me and improve their lives and well-being wherever I can. However, to me service stretches beyond just social justice and into the realms of protecting all inhabitants of our world and the world itself. Service is synonymous with selflessness and righteousness, values I’ve been raised to respect and strive towards.

Indeed, my love of service is also founded upon my faith and upbringing: On one hand, Adam and Ever were appointed to be stewards of the Garden of Eden, to protect and safeguard all of God’s creations. And on the other hand, there’s the belief in tikkun olam, repairing the world, the idea that by performing the mitzvot (commandments) and uplifting others, we can draw ourselves closer to God while making the world more whole.


Through many service endeavors I’ve become passionate about ending poverty. For many in the United States, this is a blind cause–we do not daily see it in our lives, so it must not exist. However, poverty continues to weaken our country and deteriorate our world, especially affecting all of our children. In an effort to help abolish global poverty, this category addresses issues such as hunger, homelessness, Fair Trade, and my experiences with each of them.

Memorable Moments


I care deeply for the natural world and have always felt a deep connection with nature and its beauty. When I raise my children, I want to instill in them the same reverence I have for the untouched beauty of our Earth, and to do this, we must all make changes in our lives to conserve and perpetuate our planet’s abundant resources. If you care about the earth as I do, or even simply want to reduce your dependance on expensive energy, this subcategory is for you.

Memorable Moments

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