My life of leadership began in 2009 when I became involved with the Gay-Straight Alliance at Guilford Tech, but in building my leadership skills and continuing to serve others through my leadership, it has become an integral part of my life and one of my core values. Leadership is not positional, and some of the world’s greatest leaders are otherwise ordinary people who are driven by their passions to serve others and make a difference.

In this section you’ll find posts dedicated to my experiences with leadership for the sake of leadership–in other sections, such as the LGBT and Poverty subcategories, you’ll hear about more of my leadership experiences, but not all leadership falls neatly into one or two categories, and I believe we all have the potential to become leaders in our own lives–both to ourselves and those we interact with daily. For more posts, see the leadership tag.

Memorable Moments


The highest leaders in the land are our law-makers and representatives, and their arena is the field of politics. As both an activist and a student of political science, I often find myself speaking of issues relevant to politics, and you’ll find many of them here. However, many political issues of today are also issues directly related to LGBT rights, equality, poverty, sustainability, and education, so if you’re especially interested in politics, I encourage you to explore the politics tag.

Memorable Moments

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