Count the Leaves

It’s been a long time since I’ve said this and an even longer time since I’ve sincerely believed it, but today I feel happy. Genuinely happy. And for the life of me, I can’t even say what’s changed.

It feels like, for so long, dark clouds have held their hands around me, ethereal and tornadic fingers twisting around me, tumultuous chaos attacking me from every angle. Today the wind awoke over the world and while I was crossing the Brickyard–an open courtyard at the heart of campus–I felt the wind whipping around me, awaken the wind inside me, and in a burst of ecstasy I spun around and watched as the world itself twisted beneath me….

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Mocking Winter

Yesterday was a fantastic day. And by yesterday, so we’re clear, I do mean Monday. It’s what happens when I sleep in late and have unexpected things come up in the afternoon and evening. Makes my days drag on and Tune Tuesdays never happen…. Music Mondays? Just not working out. Good thing for Tuesdays, or else my alliterative longing would’ve made maintaining Mondays especially laborious.

Anyways, today’s Tuesday, and I was talking about Monday and how fantastic it was.

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A Landmark Revelation

Life’s like a box of chocolate. Life’s like flying a kite. Life’s like a ladder. An adventure. A roller coaster. The metaphors are endless (and the metaphors are similes while we’re at it). Whether we don’t know what we’ve got till we take a bite, whether we’ve caught the wind or we’re falling from afar, whether we’re climbing over a precarious angle, forging forward to a new frontier, or simply riding the world through a series of ups and downs and one too many loops than any of us wants to go through, life’s got a lot to give us.

This post marks my two hundredth post as the Writingwolf.

My life through this point has encapsulated each of these ideas, but these last few days, they’ve been one of the wildest rides I’ve ever ridden on. Let’s just say I made it around the turn alright.

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The Scenic Route

Once in my lifetime I attempted screenwriting, but it was no pleasure of mine. I tolerated it. I might have minimally enjoyed it. But I did not love it and I vowed never to force myself to do it again.

Yet it’s the nature of my personal vows and the irony of the universe that if I say “never,” it returns “how soon.” So can you guess what the first topic is in my creative writing class. Yep, screenwriting.

Since I am now obligated to write a screenplay, if not many of them, I am determined to not only do it well, but to enjoy it marginally, and heaven forbid, maybe even love it! Since the formatting and style of screenwriting and fiction are so drastically different (a divide that I believe hinders my ability to love it more wholly), I’m going to adapt various scenes from my stories to the screen as a way of bringing together what I love with something I would like to love more.

It is as in learning: To master anything, you must associate it with something that you already know.

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