A Moment of Gratitude


Today I’m grateful to be in love with a man who I support unconditionally and who supports me just the same. I’m thankful to live in a country that recognizes our relationship and allows us to obtain a visa so he can move here and we can live together. And I’m thankful for the small number of amazing people who have donated to help us cover these costs.

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A Year Ago Today

I had some pretty nifty plans for the New Year…then I got sick. Horribly sick. And I got around to none of it. On the bright side, I am feeling better today, so that’s a start. Perhaps I can salvage some of my plans after all?

Anyways, can you believe this blog is a year old today?

I know I can’t. It feels (to use a grand ol’ cliche) like only yesterday when I was sitting on the ottoman with my computer in my lap signing up for WordPress. I’d written a recap of the last decade to post on a forum I frequent (although not too frequently anymore, I’m shamed to say), and I decided it’d be even more fun to finally start that blog I’d been dreaming about and go for it. So I did.

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One More Yellow Brick Behind Us

The news is late. If by now you haven’t heard, what are you reading my blog for? I’m an openly gay Jew–so I would presume most of my readers should know–and on account of this, if you’re following me, you’ve surely been following the news. So it’s no news today what I’m going most thankful for, and if it hasn’t been guessed already, then, really, why are you here?

No, I jest! Please stay! And here I shall refrain from writing “lol.”

24. The Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I had hoped my scathingly sarcastic and inherently ironic post a few weeks back would help push the people to seeing sensibility, and I suppose somewhat it might have worked–for not even a whole week or two after, it was successfully repealed! It’s been a long and arduous fight, but we’ve made it, my fellow monsters, we’ve made it!

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Equilibrium at Last

I can’t recall how many times I mentioned here that I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks (partly on account of not having counted, but mostly on account of being so busy). It seemed like all of a sudden everything was happened all at once–but looking back now, I really haven’t a clue what started it all, except that it all started–at once. It brings to mind a quote I read recently that I’m rather fond of:

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. – Albert Einstein

Amidst all of this, physics. Perhaps physics is at the heart of it–metaphorically in that all things are caused by the fundamental laws that dictate our universe, and also literally in that it has been the study of rotation making me dizzy that might have, in the end, been the catalyst for all of this. In any case, it brings to mind equilibrium.

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For More Things Than One

After washing my face and turning to my towel, I glimpsed the light switch and thought how clumsy it would be to grasp it with my wet hands, yet how simply with a simple touch it could make the whole room go dark. While at the College Transfer Club this afternoon, our president saw the clock and remarked how none of them are ever right on time around our campus, how awesome a project it’d be if we could get them all in sync; she asked for a slogan, and I said, “The time is right: If not now, when?” The obvious allusion apparently unapparent. And all the while, in my head, tumbling music–specifically that of Regina Spektor, my obsession of late, whose newest album Far one of my kindest and closest friends gave me a copy of the other day.

It brings to mind a myriad of things to be thankful for–I’ll choose just one.

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Thankful Thursdays

One session at the Student Leadership Institute was about being a reflective leader. Now, granted, I’m already fairly reflective: I keep a journal (mostly, when I’m not trying to catch up on it, for various reasons) and I think a lot about things regardless of whether I write it all down. But still, one of the suggestions really interested me: Keeping a gratitude journal. I think it’ll be a cool exercise to try to think of a hundred things that I’m thankful for and post them all here. And since I love alliteration, Thursdays is the perfect day for being thankful!

Of course, providing I can make it to a hundred (which I think I will), I’m being thankful in no particular order.

So many things to be thankful for. I’ve had a good day, though, so–

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