The “Add” in Adversity

I love it when I get to use puns in my titles–it’s not quite clickbait, but it’s almost just as good. Anyways, stress. We often feel defeated by stress. We think stress is a sign of failure and inadequacy (and then we get stressed out for failing and being inadequate), but according to Kelly McGonigal, that perspective on stress is incorrect.

Instead, she says, stress makes us stronger.

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Epilogue: One Year Ago

When I began this journey, I promised I would offer no vindication, and to this I feel I remained true. I stripped aside the commentary and let it fall out as I remembered it–sometimes building beautifully harrowing images, other times feeling I fell short in capturing the turmoil I truly felt. But I did my best, and I’m thankful I made it this far.

But there are still more sides to this story, some that slip outside the narrow keyhole through which I looked back this past week, and these stories need to be shared.

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One year ago I got tested. I waited outside at maybe ten in the morning until Adam showed up. As we rode to the public health offices, he kept me talking. We didn’t say much about what we were going for, other things like classes or music or I don’t really remember.

When we got there, we parked a short distance away and walked quietly through the parking lot toward a towering brick building with none of the sleek, soothing architecture of the Student Health Center. We walked through three doorways until we made into a longer hall, opened on one side, that took us to one of the clinics.

We signed in. Then we sat down. And we waited.

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