One year ago I woke up early to stop by the Counseling Center before class. I walked to the second floor of the Student Health Center. The building is industrial, white, modern. The brightness made me feel better, if “feeling better” meant anything.

I walked up to the counter and asked to make an appointment. They sent me to a computer to go through a mandatory screening that lasted maybe twenty minutes, and then I got to schedule an appointment. The soonest time for the counselor I wanted to meet with was a couple weeks, but I took it anyways. It was a start.

It was a start.

But the day was still only starting.

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Family Matters

The Pursuit of Life, Liberty, and a Loving Family

You and I are special. We were born into families with mothers and fathers that loved us and took care of us and made the choices we couldn’t make until we came of age and could start to make those choices. More importantly, their love and guidance helped us to grow into men and women capable of making those choices. But for many children, not yet of age, who can’t make these choices, who can’t take care of themselves, this isn’t the case.

Every year there are more and more children trapped in foster care in need of loving, supportive families; however, fewer than half of these children will ever find permanent homes. There’s a shortage of families who want to adopt, and against all beliefs, some loving parents are not even allowed to adopt. If we change our heartless ways and start to allow gays and lesbians to adopt, many of these children will have a chance at finding families who will love and care for them as they deserve.

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