Building Awareness

I didn’t go home last night.

When night fell, I stood outside in a valley of bricks, red blocks crisscrossed in white zigzags that somehow tied us to the earth yet seemed celestial emblazoned in the moonlight. Tall buildings sprouted around us like mountains, sheltering our silence, but still the wind whispered to us, sending cold thoughts crawling across our skin.

Last night I didn’t go home.

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Running with the Pack

Back when I was researching schools to transfer to, I looked at their extracurricular activities as one of the criteria upon which to objectively judge each possibility. Obviously, after spending three years immersed in campus leadership, I knew I couldn’t remove myself from the realm of student organizations without experiencing some measure of withdrawal, but I’d also learned the importance of being able to relate to people outside of class who share your interests or other points of commonality–such as a love for writing or politics, or inclusive communities structured around sexuality or religion. We’re communal creatures, we humans, and we all have a need to belong.

We can also immerse ourselves in new interests when we dive into new groups–and today, that’s what I did. I haven’t dived so much as jumped, and I’m proud to say I walked away mostly unscathed.


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Pack Attack

I don’t think I’m fully settled in yet. I had thought this week would be a breeze, I’d post daily with updates about my doings–but there has been so much doing to be done, that writing here was not one of them. The amount of welcome week activities was staggering, and the amount that I actually went to was somehow less than I had at first planned, but more than I had thought it would be. Oh, the irony.

In any case, I return with the fruits of wisdom in many regards.

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Corpus Campus

Today’s my first official day on campus. Yes, I checked in on Tuesday. Yes, I moved my things in on Friday. And, yes, today is actually my first day on campus. I decided I’d start easily enough: unpacking, hanging my art, and going to a couple events on campus to get acquainted.

Somewhere along the line, I think I melted.

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