Day of Freedom, Day of Lies

Celebrate. Celebrate the birth of our nation. Celebrate the unity of our people. Celebrate the independence we won from our oppressors. Celebrate the freedoms we all share.

And don’t, for one second, celebrate the lies we live by.

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In the Absence of Time

In the absence of time, Einstein postulated in a quote I recall only in spirit, everything would happen at once. It was in this turbulent void of happening that I found myself moments ago speaking with a good friend, telling him I just don’t care.

I’ve reached that point, I told him, where I’m overwhelmed and just can’t care anymore. My entire emotional response system has shut down. It happens from time to time. I’ll rest, get things back in order, and start to care again–but that will come tomorrow or the day after, and I’m not looking forward right now, not today.

But are we surprised? Aren’t we all gazing back today?

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The Man Who Lied to My Face

My thanks to the man who lied to my face. His sniggering tone and that smirk he showed me made me feel deep inside those recesses of my intuition the falseness of his words. He could not fool me–but I would not be fooled into false understanding. I sought out sources stronger than his sordid sounds and confirmed my suspicions: That to my face he had spoken with such falseness not even the devil himself would have found it fit to speak.

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Never Trust a Politician

Riddle me this: How can you tell me one moment you don’t care what I do, that it’s my own business and the government shouldn’t stop me, but then tell me you support legislation that takes away my rights? How can you tell me that you oppose the amendment, but you’re going to vote in favor of it? How can you tell me we’re all sinners and in an instant reduce my entire life to one of your misjudged laws?

Ah, Politicians! How art thine lies construed?

Shouldn’t a want for less legislation put you against these bills? Shouldn’t stating you don’t care cause you to favor equal rights? How is it you can speak one thing while looking me in the eyes and moving your hands in another? I just don’t understand. How can you argue in favor of personal rights and then vow to abolish them?

I don’t understand.

Republicans. The sad part is I don’t completely disagree with them, their goals and values, but the more I learn about the party–the more I deal with them daily–the less I think I could ever stand behind them.

The Darkest Disease

Some of my favorite artists are the Cranberries, Ingrid Michaelson, and Company of Thieves. I grew up to the tunes of Enya, Jewel, and Lisa Loeb. The edgiest thing I listened to for a long time was Alanis Morissette. It’s not much a surprise really: I’m generally a gentle guy, calm and peaceful, quiet and contemplative.

But I’m also a Gemini.

The irony is that my first love of song that breached this facade itself means to fade away–and yet they have remained a staple of my soundtrack ever since.

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