Pics or it didn’t happen


Did you see my photos (and videos!) from IML? Find me on Instagram @Writingwolf2010.

Also…now that I’ve graduated from grad school, I intend to photoblog more frequently. And did I mention I’m getting a puppy soon? She’ll be there too.


Catch me on Instagram


I’m spending a few weeks in Mexico with my fianc√© before school starts in August. While I may be unable to post as regularly as I’d like to while I’m here, I’ll be photo blogging my entire trip on Instagram. Follow me at Writingwolf2010.

Expanding Networks

For more than a year I’ve had a Facebook page for The Writingwolf. There I’ve shared interesting articles, links to both the fun and the profound, and helped publicize my blogging. For longer than a year I’ve resisted branching outward and expanding my social media network, but you may have recently noticed that’s changed: For the past few weeks, I’ve had links to both my Twitter and my Instagram profiles–where I’m Writingwolf2010 on both–but I’ve yet to make an announcement or explain why.

So a few words are in order–why have I branched out, and why should you follow?

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