My Deepest Dreams (Part Two): To Fly Away

When I wrote Part One, I meant every word of it and there was never any intention of following with a part two. If you can’t tell things have changed since then, if merely by the inference of there now being a distinction between two parts, this may not be the best blog for you to follow. I mean that humorously, but if you take it seriously, it’s just reinforcement of the statement itself. I shall not sequester your free will, but merely inform you of my opinions.

Mathematicians: Always going off on tangents.

Things have changed, but I still mean every word I said. Things change. Things need improvement, additions, clarification. Articles needs retractions and updates; constitutions need amendments; and todays need tomorrows. Scientists call this evolution. Astrologers, progression. Educators, growth, and the general populace, any other term they wish to imply. Nothing is static except things already in equilibrium. People are never there, try as we might to get there. So we keep going. Things do change.

I’ll share with you everything.

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