The Halfway Hump

I figured I’d update you all on my progress sooner than this–but I’m not surprised why I’m only here now. I haven’t written anything today. (Please ignore for the moment I’m an afternoon-evening-night kind of writer, so it’s not late enough in the day for this to be atypical yet.) And yesterday? My smallest wordcount all month. Yes, I was riding a night of no sleep, I had work and a workshop and they both overlapped, and I was preoccupied by math and hexaflexagons all day, but I wrote fewer pages than I had on any other day all month.

And the worst part is I didn’t care.

It’s happened. It always does. The Halfway Hump.

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Pokemon Wednesday

Chances are, when I like something, I like it forever (or at least long enough to feel like it).

Most people these days equate Pokemon with childish cartoons and simple-minded video games that went out with the nineties, but alas, I disagree (well, I do think the anime has become quite childish, but there was a time, while it was under 4Kids, that it was actually fairly decent, but I digress). So, you might be asking, why do I still like Pokemon?

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