Game On

Today was a day. Literally my first step out the door I slipped on black ice and gave myself a possible slight concussion. So knowing I’m gonna be woken up throughout the night (because comas) while I plan for precalculus and wonder just how long I can put off grading those related rates calculus quizzes, I figured I might as well write a bit.

Because I had an amazing idea in the elevator this morning!

You know, three steps before I concussed myself.

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The best part about NaNoWriMo is sometimes not knowing what to write. Especially at the write-ins. We’ll look up, stop writing for a moment, and ask odd questions such as: “I need a last name.” or “Is an angel saying ‘God dammit’ sacrilegious?” or “How do I write small talk?” And so on, so forth.

But at home, or anywhere when writing alone, sometimes you’ve just got to plow forward blindly. Having faith in yourself like this is oftentimes close to impossible. At least for me, I want to analyze and edit and make the story perfect. But I’ve got to take time to turn all this off and just go for it, let the characters walk themselves for a while, and simply witness the story evolve.

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