The Passion Plan

AKA, my bucket list, with a focus on living rather than dying. ;-)

The items herein are all the big, awesome, AMAZING things I want to do during my lifetime–the great dreams and wishes that inspire the deepest passions inside me.

Over time, these items might change, and I may occasionally add or remove them as my dreams for life grow and evolve. As I experience the items below, I’ll make it a point to blog about them and link to the posts accordingly. Some of these passions are also ongoing, such as writing my mythology, and can be explored in my writing already.

This is a preliminary list. Someday I’ll organize it. XD

  • Complete an MFA in poetry, or fiction, or both
  • Get my doctorate in math, education, or math education
  • Travel to India, Ireland, and Tibet
  • Publish a book of poetry–or many
  • Write my mythology in its entirety
  • Have kids and love every moment of it
  • Get married to the man I love
  • Collect all 722 (and counting) Pokemon
  • Train/raise my Pokemon Dream Team
  • Write a Legend of Zelda epic poem
  • Publish 100 stories in the Neopian Times

And the list goes on…