I believe life is the first aspect of personal blogging, capturing my external experiences as I journey between birth and death. In this section I’ll share my thoughts on my day-to-day adventures and observations on life, the universe, and everything.


The past holds special significance: Not only have my experiences shaped who I am today, I’m naturally a reflective person. Looking into my past allows me to make sense of my present and plan for my future. If you enjoy good, old-fashioned storytelling of how things used to be, this is the category for you

Memorable Moments


Just as my present is grounded in the past, it’s directed by the future–and in this section, you can join me as I not only plan for the short term (reflecting on annual goals and sharing stories about my personal growth), but also the long term when I share my visions for the world and my dreams of the future.

Memorable Moments


One of the most important parts of life is sharing it with others–our family, our friends, and every community we belong to. Community is an integral part of Jewish life, and as such, it’s become a significant part of my own life. In this section, I’ll share my thoughts about community with everyone.

Memorable Moments


Of all the pleasures in life, few compare to experiencing the beauty inherent in the natural world, and this category is for all those special times when I’m granted the opportunity to indulge in the earth for its beauty and wonder.

Memorable Moments

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