Posting Poems

Or, A Title with Too Many Puns

Have you looked at the sidebar recently? If you have, there’s a good chance you noticed a new little picture promoting a Kickstarter campaign I started about a week ago: The goal is to create 100 poems, each of them inspired by a backer’s writing prompt, handwritten on a postcard, and illustrated with a watercolor painting before being put in the mail.

And…I hesitated to share it here. On the one hand, this my platform, why shouldn’t I? But then I remembered last year I heavily promoted a similar project here, and it ended up being unsuccessful, and I didn’t want to risk making my blog readers feel spammed by another failed project. Worse: I felt vulnerable putting it out there again, because my first attempt was a failure. So mum was the word. At least, until today.

The project is only $20 shy of reaching our funding goal and becoming a reality. In the language of Kickstarter and pledges, that’s only four backers pledging for a postcard poem of their own. We are so close to making this happen, so not only do I want to ask for your help reaching out goal, but invite you to become a part of this journey.

So, yes, even though I still feel a little vulnerable sharing this–because despite our closeness to the finish line, nothing is ever guaranteed on Kickstarter–I want to use my project to help connect people, and especially allow me to connect more with my individual readers, perhaps even readers who consider themselves regular fans of my writing. I don’t generally like to think too much of just how many people read what I put out there (it makes me feel naked and suddenly I fear the possible judgment, specifically negative judgment I met get for being so open), but if I’m going to lean into vulnerability this year, none of those fears should be an excuse to not extend this invitation to you.

Let me share this: The project isn’t just my attempt to write 100 poems. It really is my invitation for each of my backers to help inspire a new work of art–a poem and a painting. I might be tending these trees, but each and every backer will plant the seeds.

A few days ago, when we reached 50% of the goal, I asked backers to suggest words and a theme for a bonus poem I wanted to write and share with them. Here it is:

1.16 scans-3

So that’s an example of what each of the $5 backers will receive. And if 100 people pledge for a postcard poem, I plan to collect all of them into an eBook to share with all of our backers–and we’re a quarter of the way to 100 postcard poems already!

I want to pause for a moment to explain why I keep saying “we” and “our” instead of “me” and “mine”: This project isn’t about me. It’s a collaborative endeavor in which every backer will become a partner in an original creation that will be shared between us, and hopefully, with the entire community of backers who join us. Inspiration is fluid, and art is meaningless if it fails to connect people, so this project could not and would not happen without the support and collaboration of all my backers.

And, I hope, you will become a part of it, too.




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