Game On

Today was a day. Literally my first step out the door I slipped on black ice and gave myself a possible slight concussion. So knowing I’m gonna be woken up throughout the night (because comas) while I plan for precalculus and wonder just how long I can put off grading those related rates calculus quizzes, I figured I might as well write a bit.

Because I had an amazing idea in the elevator this morning!

You know, three steps before I concussed myself.

AS A BUSY teacher, my social life is thin and my wits are worse off, but if I’ve been able to enjoy one thing as an adult (with a love that has been budding for many years since I began as a student at Guilford Tech), it’s the joy of playing board games with friends.

I mean no Candy Land or Shoots and Ladders, but board games of this day an age.

There was Apples to Apples with the GSA, then the more mature but similarly concepted Cards Against Humanity with my physics-and-math friends. After I went to NC State my new circle of friends introduced me to Munchkin and Settlers of Catan. Now in Milwaukee, one of the TFA coaches led a rousing (and deadly) game of Pandemic, and my new growing circle of friends expanded this further to Secret Hitler, Sushi Go, and Wits and Wagers.

Needless to say, I’ve been craving my own collection, so someday I can host my own game nights. And because I have a paycheck now, I’ve been browsing Kickstarter and looking at the interesting new games that are being developed right as we speak…err, read this, I mean.

So there I was, in the elevator, wondering just how far these games would be funded–and how awesome, I said, would it be if they met all their stretch goals?

Then it hit me! I can blog about it all–and share my new love of gaming with all of you!

No purchase necessary (but highly encouraged, because, come on, stretch goals).

Demon Espionage (CLOSING SOON!)

Because espionage with people is just so last year, why not do it with demons? This social manipulation and deduction game is full of cute demons you can use to duel for souls and become the master of Hell–or just, you know, the winner (because all your friends are losers, I mean, they will be, after you win). And did I tell you those demons are cute?

Avignon: Pilgrimage

It’s not too far a jump from demons to dueling popes, right? Except this time you’re not facing off your friends to steal souls, but to save them–by creating your own congregation and becoming the BEST. POPE. OF. ALL. TIME! It’s a desire I never knew I had.

Avignon is a two-player game, but unlike other board games that are just so, I don’t know, board-gamish, this one’s small enough to carry with you wherever you go–it is, after all, one of the latest entries in a collection of wallet-sized board games. This particular Kickstarter is one-for-three set and you can choose Avignon: Pilgrimage, a racing game called Turbo Drift, or another social manipulation/deduction game called Find Your Seats, perfect for the party planner in all of us (because that next wedding may be yours).

Fun story: the preview video for Find Your Seats seemed to suggest the darker-skinned characters had negative personas, so I expressed this concern to the creator. He responded quickly with reassurance that they did their best to make the game as racially and ethnically diverse as possible (and looking back, the video’s lighting may have contributed to my concern). Regardless, understanding his intent to break out of stereotyped norms made me even more eager to be a backer than before.


This one’s from Milwaukee. And it also looks fun. And it has shiny parts.

Tao Long

I saved the best for last. Imagine this: the Harmonic Convergence (a la Legend of Korra fame) coincides with your next game-night, with thick wooden pieces, majestic art, and a chess-like game mechanic where every move influences your opponent’s options.

This is the world of Tao Long, and I’ve been feverishly refreshing its page since I backed it, looking on with eagerness and excitement as each new stretch goal is met. As the name implies, this game is inspired by Eastern myths, and coupled with warring dragons, I cannot wait to have this game in my hands, to marvel at all its intricacies, and to help the light overthrow the shadow for another thousand years.

Or at least until the next game night.


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