Heart. Hustle. Humility.

These are the core values of Teach for America Milwaukee, and yesterday we discussed our role as educators in the city. It was a long day full of thoughtful conversations and many, many ice breakers.

Today we’re heading into the communities we serve to begin getting to know them intimately. I’ll be reading to young children, and I’m really excited about it.

I’ll try to post longer reflections as time allows, but our Induction (and training, called Institute) has long days and my energy levels can only go so far. But if I can’t write longer pieces, I’ll at least share little thoughts like this throughout the summer.

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  1. Hey. I just came across your blog. I really love your whole idea and the way you’ve penned down your thoughts. Great work, I must say. Your thoughts and feelings come across so effortlessly, it seems almost flawless.

    I too believe in being human and kind to one another. I write about it too. If you have the time, you could check out my work as well at https://thewallandus.wordpress.com/ :)

    I hope you continue doing the good work. Happy writing. Cheers.

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