Psst! Do you like music?

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted–first I got sidetracked when I was told my thesis was due earlier than anticipated (by a month! but don’t worry, I finished it–and passed my defense), and then I had to catch up on homework, and then I’ve been attending a YOGA for Youth teacher training and it’s been busy (forty hours? two weekends? check!).

Excuses, excuses, of course, but it’s my way of saying if I could have been here, sharing ideas and experiences with all of you, I would have been. =)

I’m still in a frenzied state, of course, attempting to stay on top of everything as graduation and Teach for America barrel toward me, but I want to take a quick moment to share something with you–call it my three-day-early throwback Thursday.

Back before I came to NC State, while I was still at Guilford Tech, I took an introductory creative writing class. It was amazing. My poem-writing capacity expounded exponentially, and my short-story skills stood taller as well. I also made a lot of new friends, but as is often the case in college, most of these classmate friendships fizzled and faded after the semester ended.

Two friendships, however, persisted–even some five or six years later. The first friend is now an MFA student, has had a few poems published, and frequently recommends new books for me to read. (And when hers is published, I’ll post about it here!)

My other friend, while not an MFA student, is no less likely to make his dreams a reality–but his dream is a little bit different. He’s not aiming to be a poet (at least as far as I know; I haven’t asked him), but instead he wants to be a singer-songwriter.

In fact, in many ways, he already is.

And right now he’s been given an opportunity to record his own studio album, but to make it happens, he needs a little help. He’s started his own personal Kickstarter campaign using the GoFundMe platform, and I feel I owe it to all the amazing and incredible and in-depth philosophical conversations he and I have shared to share his music with you.

So, if you like music, why don’t you add a new artist to your library?

Help Luke get to Nashville!



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