Throwback Thursday

The year began with promise: We’d have our visa interview and then my fiance would fly up to the US and we’d be married.

Instead we found a clerical error on his passport, and the whole process came to a grinding (albeit temporary) halt.

So in the mean time, it’s my goal to dedicate every Thursday of this year until we have our visa interview to looking back at some of the moments he and I have shared.

April 16, 2014. Our first real picture together. I was so nervous when I left that I took the wrong form on the plane–it was in Spanish, not English. I felt so embarrassed asking the flight attendant for the other version. Then I tried to distract myself by reading Dracula but I didn’t get very far before I couldn’t pay any more attention.

At the airport, I had to redo the declarations form three times I was so nervous.

Then I got my bags and went through the doors after security and there he was. We hugged each other tighter than I’d ever hugged anyone and we didn’t say anything.

It felt like forever that we held onto each other. How I long for it to be forever.

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