Till the Dust Settles

It’s about that time of year when suddenly I disappear.

No, I’m not a practicing magician, but I am still a college student, and with the summer days winding away, within a week I’ll be back on campus, back in classes, trying to figure out how they expect us students to do what students are meant to do.

And typically it means my blogging starts to suffer. But I’m hoping, even if there might be some disruption next week, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up my twice-weekly posting on Mondays and Thursdays here, and on Tuesdays and Fridays on Silent Soliloquy.

I have a number of unpublished posts that I think will help me through this transition, but transitions of any sort tend to messy and unruly, and until Im in the midst of the forthcoming chaos, I probably won’t realize how much a whirlwind it’s going to be.

So all my blogging friends, all my readers, riddle me this: How do you keep up with what you love (perhaps blogging, perhaps not) when the going gets tough? What’s your method, what’s your madness? Because this time, when it gets tough, I don’t want to get going.

6 thoughts on “Till the Dust Settles

  1. A version of that is what I’ve been facing for the last month and a half. And I thought I’d keep two days too, weekends mostly to keep up a constant appearance. But my blog didn’t see a post from me for so long that I was worried it would stop me from logging in because it wouldn’t be able to recognize me.
    One tip – When you’re trying to figure out how they expect you to do what students are meant to do, keep jotting down points that the writing wolf would want to write about and no matter how tired you are transfer them to a draft.

    Drafts are meant to bother just like an overflowing cupboard where you can’t find a thing. The frustration will kill you if you don’t complete the drafts and put them up. Anyway that’s my take, feel free to not apply it if it doesn’t help you.

    • I’ve been in that position myself–you can probably look at my archives and see entire months when I’ve literally disappeared from the internet. I definitely like the idea of jotting down ideas, and treating drafts as a sort of overflowing cupboard. The kitchen/food metaphor makes it seem much more alluring than how I normally see drafts, more akin to old clothes starting to burst out of the closet they’re kept in–like I said, an overflowing cupboard is much better. Thank you for the suggestion, and I wish you the best in your own blogging as well.

  2. I usually waste a lot of time procrastinating before I make myself do it. As a writer, my mantra is BICHOK: Butt in chair, Hands on keyboard.

  3. I found that treating it like a homework assignment usually helped. (I’d include it on my “to-do” list, and just work on it around real homework. I must have been lucky, because inspiration would usually strike in the middle of the boring school papers, and I’d get to use it as a break!)

    • I’ve added writing to my “system,” which is actually a forthcoming blog post, after I’ve been able to stick with it long enough to know if it works or not. I’ve also written a number of papers that I could adapt into blog posts, and I’ve seen so many metaphors in math that are amazing, but lack enough context to form a full post. The nice thing about being back at State, though, is that I’ll be out more and able to share experiences with others, and that definitely feeds inspiration.

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