Severing Ties (and Making New Ones)

It’s been a year since this blog was reborn, the seams between its faces undone stitch by stitch: In an instant, The Writingwolf: Words & Wonders became solely dedicated to nonfiction, while Silent Soliloquy was born to be a library of all my fiction and poetry.

My blogs have only flourished since then–my audience has grown, my writing has improved, and now more than ever, I’m producing regular content on both blogs without needing to link them back and forth for traffic.

Now I’m ready for a new change, the next step in the Writingwolf’s life cycle.

Starting today, Words & Wonders and Silent Soliloquy will be two distinct blogs.

This means I’ll no longer share one blog’s posts on the other, a practice I dropped earlier this summer but expected might return later on. Now I pledge it won’t. On some occasions, the content of one blog might warrant such links and even encourage them, but otherwise, they shall be separate.

I’m motivated by two reasons.

First, W&W and SS have different audiences.

Those interested in thoughts on religion and LGBT issues and social justice likely aren’t the same as those who enjoy fiction and poetry. Trying to entice the same audience on both blogs is not only more work than necessary, it’s merely clutter to my readers interested in only one aspect. I’d rather keep things clean and streamlined for my readers than overwhelm them with things they don’t want.

Second, when I had the mindset of both blogs being one blog, I didn’t like posting content to both on the same day. This often meant holding off time-sensitive material for posting on W&W when I prepared to share a story or poem on SS, which lessens the value and impact of my writing. That’s antithesis to my goals as a blogger.

Furthermore, as I build up a stockpile of stories for Silent Soliloquy, I don’t want to lose an opportunity to share something because I’ve written something for Words & Wonders.

However, even as these ties split apart, there are new ones to be built.

I’d like to invite any of you interested in my fiction and poetry to jump over to Silent Soliloquy and follow my blog now. Flash Fiction Friday is going on hiatus for a while since I’m relaunching my first serial. After four years of sitting silently in the shadows of the internet, Super will return–newly revised and sharpened for today’s readers.

(All the fun starts June 10–so don’t delay.)

My author pages–The Writingwolf on Facebook and @Writingwolf2010 on Twitter–will continue to tie together both of my writing endeavors, as well as including additional web articles, quotes, TED Talks, and other interesting quips I might want to share. Both are greats way to keep up with my writing while discovering new places to visit on the internet.

I’m still learning how to use Twitter (and if anyone can teach me, I’d love your advice), but I enjoy using my Facebook page as a direct way of sharing dialogues with my readers. That can already happen here with post comments, but on Facebook you can share things with me directly that others can still see–and I like that freedom of communication.

(That said, don’t forget about my contact page, either.)

I’ve been very happy with my blog this past year, and I know it’s all been possible because of the encouragement and readership you’ve given me–so as I forge forward on this journey, I want to share with you my greatest thanks.

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