This Is a Post

This is a paragraph. It should be talking about interesting things–such as how health care systems sometimes overlook obvious actions to prevent the spread of disease, how the media influence rape culture by ignoring the men in society, even how concepts such as fear, love, and God are intricately related–instead it is none of these things.

Instead this is a paragraph that expresses discontent. Instead of writing about issues that matter–such as hunger and homelessness, the significance of voting even in the most minute elections, the implications of advocacy and community building on campus–it simply mentions that none of these things have been mentioned.

The irony is that, for each of these things, if I don’t already have a post written, I have the ideas ready to share–but I have been too busy, I admit, to remember they’re there.

So this is my plan, and I’ll need your help.

Life gets hectic. Between 400-level math classes, extensive reading in gender and politics, and a new poetry assignment every class, I’ve got my plate full with homework alone. When I factor in tutoring, serving as a resident mentor, and both of my leadership positions (not to mention an overburdening internship that’s culminating in the very exciting Resolve to Fight Poverty Conference in two weeks), I barely have any time to sleep.

So when it comes to those infrequent moments I have to think about my blog, I’m at a loss of words. I’m full of wonder, but I don’t know best how to direct it. This instant of confusion cripples me and the opportunity for action is lost. Another day without an update.

This is where I need your help. Let me know what issues you care most about so I can tackle these issues first. I’ll get to each of them in time–honestly, for some it’s only a matter of proofreading before they’re ready to go–but having your feedback will help me plan how to deliver more contact more regularly.

While we’re at it, let me mention my Facebook page again–occasionally I’ll share small bursts of insight, inspiring quotes, and interesting explorations of the Internet between my lengthier posts here and on Silent Soliloquy. So if you’re after content, liking me on Facebook will put you ahead of the curve!

So with no further ado, what’s important to you?

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