Howling On

Today the Writingwolf is reborn.

Exactly three and a half years ago I began blogging, and although from time to time I changed my headers and rearranged my pages, my blog largely looked–and functioned–the same way: an assortment of posts on an assortment of topics with an assortment of fiction and poetry haphazardly mixed in.

Today that assorted, one-size-fits-all regime ends.

Profile pic

The first change you probably noticed was the Writingwolf’s new face: a dazzling paint-splattered-on-paper header featuring a hand-drawn Wolf Paw capturing the five things that most define me, each etched into the fabric of the paw itself: a Magen David, a Pride flag, the earth, mathematics, and writing.

The greatest changes, however, are not so skin-deep.

First of these is a complete recategorization of all my posts to reflect my values and interests. This new system will not only help readers immediately see if my posted content interests them, it’ll also help readers look back through my years of blogging in search of additional relevant content. Not only this, the updated pages, part of a new interactive menu, explains why each of these items is important to me while referring visitors to some of my most iconic posts in each topic.

One missing topic is fiction–in fact, nowhere on Words and Wonders will fiction and poetry ever be seen again.

Today I’m also unveiling my new blog: Silent Soliloquy, stories by the Writingwolf at This new site, functioning in tandem with Words and Wonders as two sides of the same coin, will exclusively feature my fiction and poetry, enabling readers to choose precisely which content they’re interested in: nonfiction, fiction, or both!

Uniting both is my Facebook page, which will now function as more than a glorified repository of old posts: I plan to share interesting links, quotes, and short asides on my page to help provide more regular content even when the chaotic frenzy of life prevents me from writing full-posts, an unfortunate but frequent occurrence in the past.

Finally–and perhaps most importantly–is the Writingwolf’s new focus on building community. Far too often I feel like my readers are only names on a page–but I want this site to be so much more than that. The Writingwolf should be a meeting place for the masses, encouraging and actively promoting dialog. I’ve spent these last few years sharing my story, and moving forward, I want to do more to listen to yours. It might be challenging at first, and I’ll need your help to adjust the way I produce content to make it more accessible to discussion, but it’s a path I’m willing and eager to follow.

To help me reach this goal, I’ve created three pages specifically dedicated to building bridges between my readers and me: On my Contact Me page, you can send me your questions and comments–and with your permission, I can turn my responses into new posts that can be used to facilitate community-wide discussions. Running with the idea of reader-directed content are two pages that function in parallel: Lead Me will allow readers to send me links from the Interwebs they’d like me to respond to, while Inspire Me asks readers to contribute the raw inspiration I need to write new stories on Silent Soliloquy.

Today the Writingwolf howls anew, taking the first brave steps into an entirely new world of blogging, and I hope more than ever you’ll join me on this amazing journey.

Howling on,
Darren “The Writingwolf” Lipman


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