Summer Slumps and Success

Despite all the progress I’m making on my goals, lately I’ve felt apathetic and angry. I have little more than a month left of my summer, and it feels like all I’m doing right now is menial and meaningless. I know that isn’t true, and if I weren’t being so moody I’d be exceptionally proud of my accomplishments this last month, but in the meantime, I’m just tired and cranky.

But the important part is that I don’t give up. It’s been about a month since I last evaluated my goals, and it’s time I do so again to get things moving once more. I’m ready when you are.

When it comes to wellness, I’m excelling marvelously. I’ve been in bed by one and down to sleep by two almost every night for three weeks, and I’ve spent the time in bed leisurely reading and writing in my journal. It’s been relaxing and reflective and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. However, it’s been difficult to wake up at a consistent time lately, and although most days I’ve met my goal of being up by ten, it hasn’t always happened. With the summer heat rising, sleeping is less restful than it was, so even a full night leaves me wanting more.

I’ve also been keeping up with my fitness goals, and the last two weeks I’ve exercised six times weekly. Running, strength training, and Pilates has made me feel physically stronger, even though poor eating habits have been keeping me looking much the same. The stress and frustration of daily life make it easy to indulge, and I can’t quite identify why I feel the way I do. I just do.

Moving forward, it’s important that I adjust my sleeping goals to be in bed and awake earlier. I’m moving everything up half an hour, and instead of just being awake by nine-thirty, I want to be out of bed by nine-thirty. Even if I don’t get started on anything right away, I need to be up and awake. No excuses anymore.

Since running in place isn’t going to prepare me to hit the track in the fall, I’ve decided to change that facet to simple cardio to make it more manageable and entertaining. Otherwise, I want to continue working out as I have been. When I’m back on campus and walking a mile or three every day, I’ll really be able to get into the shape I want to be–but only if I firmly establish my fitness habits now.

My biggest blogging goal is to finish recategorizing all my posts so I can relaunch The Writingwolf at long last. It’s wretched work, though, reading through three and a half years of blog posts–but it’s also rewarding, seeing how much my writing has improved just over the first year. My goal is to turn off the Writingwolf June 29 and relaunch on July 1, so that’s what I’m aiming at. If I can get all the posts reordered by then, I’ll be able to spend a day or two finely tuning my new theme, pages, and widgets, to make everything perfect for the new look.

And a new look it’s going to be.

But it’ll only happen if I’m diligent. It’s a lot of blog to redesign, and not a lot of time when my other responsibilities are considered.

My academic goals are twofold: First, I’m going to continue studying ahead for analysis. In about two weeks I should finish the chapters I’m working on with my independent studies, and then I want to start reading A Tour of the Calculus, a recommended text that will also prepare me for the coming semester. With how busy I’ll likely be, I’ll take all the advance preparation I can get.

Second I’m continuing my internship with NCPIRG as a member of the steering committee for the Resolve to Fight Poverty Conference this October. So far I’ve added some potential sponsors to our contact list and made a few publication changes, and I’ve got a lot more in that vein to really see it happen–but it’s all about ending poverty and empowering leaders, so despite my overall laxity of late, I’m really stoked to be a part of it. I’m also preparing a ton of new publicity and visibility events for NCPIRG when the semester starts, so it’s keeping me busy–but if all goes as I hope it will, our group will totally rock this year every step of the way.

I’m currently reading two books–and when I finish them, having completed The Silmarillion a short while ago (and it was AWESOME–I loved every word), I’ll complete my goal of reading six books this year–but of course, I won’t stop there. Anyways, the first book I’m reading is called A Place at the Table and it’s a provocative look at hunger in the United States, and I’m learning so much from reading it; I really think it’ll help me do a better job leading NCPIRG this year.

The second is Torn, by Justin Lee, a book about the author’s experiences reconciling his identity as a gay Christian. A very dear friend of mine bought it for me for my birthday, remarking his words reminded her of mine (and I certainly feel the similarities), but I’m especially excited about it since it’ll help me reach out to other organizations this fall as a leader in the GLBT-CA, to truly spread my vision of ending discrimination as far as I can take it.

I’m also continuing to work on my Belize thank-you book (it’s coming along fair enough; I need to select the photos I’m putting in it before I can start designing the book itself).

I also want to write a couple new stories to post after I relaunch my blog. So if you want to help me along the way, fill out the form below–and I might feature the story you inspired when the time comes to see something new.

In the meantime, I hope your summer’s been as successful as mine.

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