Gears in the Machine

The gears ground to a halt when life pulled the technician away. Without a fix to the problem, no one cared to locate the cause. The machine sat in silence as the walls around it rotted away. Rain drenched the cogs and wheels, lightning struck its highest parts. Floods swilled the silt around it until it was encased in sediment somewhere deep beneath the ocean where no one cared any longer.

The search for a sunken ship uncovered the machine and scientists and media rapists tried to figure out what it was for. Specialists came in to dissect it, clean the parts, and reassemble it. They got it working again, headline news in twenty countries, broadcast worldwide the next day, but even with it running, no one knew what it could do.

The gears were spinning. Spinning all they could. But what did it do?

I started blogging in 2010 to build name recognition. I want to write stories someday, be a famous author in the halls of Tolkien, Rowling, and all the others I’ve loved and lived to, but somewhere between then and now, the writer fell behind the blogger. My drive to produce content led me to indulge in other sources of inspiration, and three and a half years in, hardly a seventh of my blog is committed to fiction.

But remarkably, every bit of it is storytelling.

It’s no secret I’m in the process of rebranding this blog, and my new ideas are so extreme it feels as if I’m unwriting everything–but don’t worry, everything you love about the Writingwolf will still be here. It’ll just be more focused, more concentrated, more amazing.

I am amazed by the world we live in, and I want to continue sharing my reflections on reality and my visions for how things could be. I want to inspire my readers. I want to let my passions overflow and touch those on the other side of the computer screen. I want to make a difference. I want to educate, inform, inspire.

And this blog? This blog is my machine.

Except I don’t know how the machine is meant to work. I’ve been spinning its gears for a long time, and people have been watching, and hopefully enjoying it, too. But I’ve been ignorant why–I’m not aiming at name recognition anymore. If I get it, great, but there’s something deeper here–and that’s what I’m trying to get at now.

In a few weeks, maybe a month or two, I’ll be flicking the switch on the Writingwolf and for a day or two, it’ll be like that machine under the ocean–but when the light comes back on, it’ll be a beacon to the world. For what, I can’t quite say (though if I could, I’d keep it a surprise anyways), but I’ve got a vision now–and the longer I hold onto it, the clearer it becomes.

Rebooting my blog isn’t as easy as I’d thought it’d be. I’ve got to experiment with new WordPress themes, figure out aspects of blogging I hadn’t even looked at before, and create some awesome new headers to bring it to completion. In the meantime, blogging as usual will continue, but soon the Writingwolf will have a new face–and it won’t just be something I’m proud about, but something I’ll at last want to share with the whole world.


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