The Dance

Life is a dance and I misstepped.

In the chaos of unchoreographed collegiate life, nothing could have prepared me for the sheer vastness of what February had to offer. This week I’ve professed to countless other students how I’ve been fortunate enough to not have more than a single exam on any given day despite having all my classes on the same days, especially this week when some students have three or four exams all together, but this schedule also put me in such a position that the month began with tests and ended with tests, and with the tests in between, the stress and strain I’ve been under has been greater than any problems proposed in a calculus-based physics course.

The good thing about any dance is that, so long as the song keeps playing, it doesn’t matter how many steps you miss, you can still jump back in and pick up where you left off. Go with the flow. Release yourself. Enjoy the moment. Take it in for everything it’s worth.

In fewer than four hours I’ll be setting out on one of the most extraordinary journeys I’ll yet face in my life–my service trip to Belize. It’ll keep me busy, and it’ll keep me from writing for another week or two at least, but it’ll be an experience unlike anything I’ve ever had before or will ever be likely to have again.

So although for now, the song keeps playing quietly in the background, in time the tempo will start to pick up again and I’ll be back here writing like I want to be. Until then, I wish you all a safe footing no matter where your feet land, and if nothing else, let your song play as loudly as you can.


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