Snow, Sick and Sorry

So there was this guy, and try as he might to always be present, often he’d just sort of…disappear. And he’d make many good friends and he would do many cool things and then, without warning, seemingly without reason, he would vanish as if all those friends he had made were no one and all those things he was doing were nothing.

Then, usually but not quite always, some time later he would reappear–miraculously almost–and things would seem fine and dandy again. But lurking always on the other side of the season, there lingers some unseen reason when–poof–he’ll disappear again.

This last week? It’s been one of those seasons.

I wrote “The Fun of Fundraising” with intent. I wrote it with purpose. And I wrote it thinking the last two weeks of my campaign would be the most productive and I’d both learn and share so much about my trip that everyone would want to be a part of it.

Instead I got inundated with homework. Quizzes came back with grades less than 75 percent and no matter how I managed my time there constantly didn’t seem enough to complete everything for all of my classes, be involved on campus at the minimum of what I’ve committed myself to, and work when needed. I even dropped my American political thought class because there just wasn’t time to study for six credit courses, two non-credit courses, and still manage to do anything. The teacher was great and I enjoyed his class, but being in class from dark to dark was not at all pleasant.

So last weekend, I sat down and I said to myself, I’m going to write all of these posts and then, no matter how much homework is tossed my way, it’ll be okay–they’ll already be written.

That worked for two and a half posts, but then I didn’t have time to keep writing, and surely didn’t have time to proofread what I’d written to post it. And so the cycle began–again.

But this time I got sick.

And last I checked, a temperature over 102 is not good. Over 103 is even more not good. Wednesday I spent most of the day in bed with my textbooks open around me with pieces of paper spread out like another blanket. I’d wake up, work a little on a problem, and then doze off again; by the time I’d wake next, I wouldn’t remember how I’d gotten what I’d gotten, and if I hadn’t yet gotten to the answer, by the time I did figure out what I’d done, I’d drift off again.

At one point I thought about posting “I’m hot, I’m hot, I’m very very hot” as my status on Facebook, but I felt too dizzy to do it.

So my fever’s finally broken and with the falling snow, I think I should be able to get back to writing–and with so few days until my fundraising campaign ends on Thursday, I’ll need to start posting daily–and if I can manage that, trust me, I will. This fundraiser is important to me, no doubt about that, but all of you–my readers–remain even more important than that, and if I’m going to write a better blog this year than last, gaps like this? They just can’t happen.

So here’s to consistency. Let’s hope I can keep it up.


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