Running at the Front

It occurred to me halfway through dinner that I never actually got around to reevaluating my goals for this month. See, I had hoped to do it a day early, but that fell through and I didn’t realize it hadn’t been done. But it’s a worthy wait, because tonight I can talk even more about my goals than I could’ve then.

If inspiration can be stolen, opportune moments can only be stumbled upon, and until you’re lying face-first in the middle of that perfect, indescribable instance, you really won’t have a clue what hit you.

I’ll begin with fitness because it’s the easiest to talk about and also, at times, the most fun. Although the days following last week’s leap into Parkour were solidly painful (aching quads and healing hands does not work wonders on a man), by the start of the week, I was back at my full game. Additional stretching, some running, and even a bit of swimming helped me ease my muscles back into proper function, and a box of band-aids and antibiotic ointment allowed my raw skin to stiffen and start to heal to wholeness.

So tonight, I went at it again. We jogged from our meeting place to some nearby buildings, where we did a warmup (it must have looked quite comical to those just finishing class to leave the building to find a large circle of people hopping on one foot and then switching to the other) before breaking into two groups.

I was sorted into the first group to practice jumping. And if you ever plan to practice jumping, don’t look down. It may only be chest-height when you’re down there, but it’s limitless looking into its relative abyss. Nonetheless, despite my initial hesitation, the jumps were easy and I was able to make progress building my balance and my confidence level. However, I was still careful to not do anything I wasn’t comfortable doing–and with Parkour, you’re your own competition, so a slow and steady approach is perfectly acceptable.

The second station was an obstacle course of vaults–and it was amazing! Vaulting is awesome, it’s acrobatic, it’s dynamic, it’s just cool to watch and even cooler to do. But it’s also tiring. Then we did some cat holds–don’t ask, it’s painfully annoying–and then some upper body training, because honestly, we were too tired to do anything else.

We ended the night with a set of QMs, some pushups and squats, and then some more pushups. So, needless to say, fitness is not a problem for me. It’s also approximately a mile to my classes, so if I walk to and from just once a day, that’s an automatic two miles I’ve moved that–and about twenty to thirty minutes of activity, so I’m finding living on campus is actually quite beneficial to my physical health. I just need to keep reminding myself to stay sufficiently hydrated and I’ll be alright. For the most part, I think I do that.

As far as my diet goes, well, really it doesn’t. But I am making conscious efforts to eat healthier options. Furthermore, with the extra amount of activity I have, it hasn’t been terribly necessary to cut back on how much I eat, so long as I’m going for the healthy options in the first place.

Which leads to an unfortunate video clip I found myself in… Oh, the embarrassment! And a whole ten seconds to boot! (That’s from 0:48-0:58, if you didn’t know.)

Leaving that alone (I hate being in the spotlight), my next goal has been journalling–and I am very pleased to admit I’ve been journalling regularly since I arrived on campus. However, I’m still not caught up and I’ve even made a list of all the important points over the summer that I need to write about. However, although I’m in this regard “behind,” I’m still keeping current with what’s going on in my life. This is not only relaxing, but it’s psychologically healthy as well. After all, true health goes beyond the body and incorporates the mind as well.

I’m also still world-building for my novel this November, and I must admit, it’s quite fun–a bit of a challenge, a bit of creativity, and a lot of sorting through these thoughts I’ve had for years. I’m also a planner by nature, so almost daily I’ve been looking at my academic planner to decide what courses I’ll take in what semester and then, on top of that, what minors and majors I’m most passionate about. If I could feasibly have a second major and still complete two minors, I definitely would. There’s more I want to learn than is possible to learn. That’s the danger of living in an age of information–either you know too much, or you know too little.

Of course, plans change. They always do. In the mean time, I shall run with the pack–and do my best to run to the front. The front of my expectations, the front of my abilities, for if I fall behind myself, is there any hope to bring myself where I want to be?


2 thoughts on “Running at the Front

    • Thank you so much for reading and especially for your kind words of encouragement! I mentioned last month, when reevaluating my goals then, that this has been my best year yet for keeping at my long-term goals and that I believe it’s in part because I’ve been sharing them all with you, my precious readers, and this unspoken partnership gives me the motivation to always do my best. I wouldn’t be here if not for people like you–so thank you, thank you very much!

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