Corpus Campus

Today’s my first official day on campus. Yes, I checked in on Tuesday. Yes, I moved my things in on Friday. And, yes, today is actually my first day on campus. I decided I’d start easily enough: unpacking, hanging my art, and going to a couple events on campus to get acquainted.

Somewhere along the line, I think I melted.

See, it’s hot outside, and I had the sense enough today to wear a black shirt. I mean, my pants are light, so shouldn’t that allow me to get away with a poor choice of apparel? Well, at least it matches. Anyways, it’s only mid afternoon and I’m already exhausted. So allow me to sum up the day in a series of facts-of-campus-life realizations that may help some other young transfer student not make the same mistakes I’ve made today.

  • Coming back from your destination will take less time than getting there, first because you won’t be lost on the way back, and second because you won’t need to check the map.
  • It may only be a ten minute walk to the grocery store up the street, but it is, in fact, uphill both ways.
  • Contrary to popular belief, you actually can spend an hour walking around campus and still not get where you’re going.
  • If at first tunnel you fail to succeed, try another tunnel. If at second tunnel you still do not succeed, there may be more tunnels on campus than at first believed.
  • Poster tack: it will hold your art until the ceiling fan goes on high.
  • Poster tack: should strong air currents break seal, add more poster tack.
  • In case of emergency: Proceed from bedroom to the left; upon entering the hall, turn sixty degrees to the right and walk to the second door on the left; follow the staircase down three flights of steps; and leave through door in front of you.

Well, it’s been an active day, but there’s still more on the way. I have dishes to clean, a recreation expo to go to (read: free food), and really, I need a snack. And a drink of water. Or two.

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