About Time

I’m in a foul mood for sure. Suppose it’s a bad mood rising. But I guess it’s not a bad mood, just a sad mood. The day started out so beautiful, too, so cheerful and upbeat and I was so high on life. Now I feel low. Now I just feel so low I don’t know how much lower I could go.

But I must be thankful. It’s about that time of week anyways.

I woke up early this morning. Covered in sweat, drenched through to my pillow: That’s the joy of living in a house without air when summer rears its heavy head many moons too early. To put it in perspective: When I get home and go up to my room, it’s so hot I’ve got a headache and feel dizzy within a few minutes. Do you know how conducive this environment is to studying? To working on finals and portfolios? It’s no wonder I stay up late into the night just to get it done. I don’t have the stamina to carry through with it any sooner.

Anyways. I got a shower, dressed up real good, and went to the board meeting this morning. Today five of the school’s seven divisions were presenting their annual reports. I got to sit in for a couple last year, and of all the topics that have come up in the board meetings, this is always my most favorite. Hearing the school speak about its students, its programs, its prospects for the future–it’s amazing. I always learn so much and wish, always, I could dive into each element more fully and just experience all the incredible things GTCC has to offer.

But instead, when it’s over, I left for class.

We had a speaker today. The editor of the Intergalactic Medicine Show. Awesome guy, I took four pages of notes. Simply brilliant speaker–engaging, entertaining, attractive even. I learned more today about publishing than I think I ever have before–and that alone is amazing.

Then I went to history class–and I got an A! Well, the final grades aren’t in, but if I averaged everything correctly, then I should’ve succeeded in passing my hardest class this semester.

Finally I delivered a very special gift to a very special person on campus. And she loved it. It was the perfect end to my day at GTCC.

We rode off. Gassed up. My wallet hurt just a little bit less than when I’d done that last. Then we went to NC State. We arrived a little early for my advising meeting, so I started working on my final essay that’s due tomorrow. It’s one of three, but at least I’ve finally started it, right? Anyways, something says to check my email. My NC State email. So I do that. And right there: Cancelled.

I was crushed. Can’t say it any simpler than that.

We’d traveled so far, spent so much time away from studying, for what? It’s ruined my day. Completely destroyed it. Can’t say I’ve smiled any since.

Anyways, I was determined to try to salvage something of the day, so I went up and spoke for a minute with the office assistant and then went over to the math tutorial center to see if I could register. I must say, these math students at State? They’re gorgeous. They could excel in modeling, I’d wager. Anyways, I was able to pick up a couple classes to at least cement some of my schedule, but what was more important is that we got to talking and I got some amazing advice.

I have to admit, though, I was a little underhanded about the whole thing. I was a little nervous to just ask for their help, not sure if they were studying or tutoring, so I just kind of spoke a little more than usual about registering to my mom, since she was there with me, with the hopes they would hear me and jump in. They did. That felt good. And the advice? It was priceless. Which classes to take. Which teachers not to take. I couldn’t have gotten that kind of care from a faculty member, I’m certain.

But the more I looked for the classes I need to take, the more of them I found closed without waiting lists. Or only open in honor sections I can’t register for. It took a depressing day and depressed it further.

And then, because of circumstance, there was still another three hours in the car. At our next stop I was able to finish writing (albeit not proofreading) the first of these three essays due in the morning, and I got some ice cream (and I love ice cream), but past that, it’s been a lousy day. A real lousy day.

But I’m still thankful. I’m thankful for Marshall, I think his name was, who gave me some awesome pointers on being a math student at State. I’m thankful for the other guy, who’s name I missed, who said that another teacher is wonderful and that I should take her class. Ironically, both these guys were also transfer students from community colleges, so I’m thankful for the reassurance that matriculation does happen–and happens well, apparently, since the one guy is going into grad school for some statistics program I’m not familiar with.

It’s not often I say I’m especially thankful for talking to strangers, but today, these two guys who I will sadly not likely see again were the only saving grace that helped turn a disaster into a blessing. Granted, it’s still been a lousy day, and I still feel like I suck, and I’m sure things won’t turn around till tomorrow, but they did a good thing for me, and I didn’t even have to ask. And I’m thankful for that.

Though I really do need to go write these papers.

It’s about time, don’tcha think?


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