Never Trust a Politician

Riddle me this: How can you tell me one moment you don’t care what I do, that it’s my own business and the government shouldn’t stop me, but then tell me you support legislation that takes away my rights? How can you tell me that you oppose the amendment, but you’re going to vote in favor of it? How can you tell me we’re all sinners and in an instant reduce my entire life to one of your misjudged laws?

Ah, Politicians! How art thine lies construed?

Shouldn’t a want for less legislation put you against these bills? Shouldn’t stating you don’t care cause you to favor equal rights? How is it you can speak one thing while looking me in the eyes and moving your hands in another? I just don’t understand. How can you argue in favor of personal rights and then vow to abolish them?

I don’t understand.

Republicans. The sad part is I don’t completely disagree with them, their goals and values, but the more I learn about the party–the more I deal with them daily–the less I think I could ever stand behind them.


2 thoughts on “Never Trust a Politician

  1. From some books on Social Engineering I was told the following:

    “Thus, the true marks of unregulated and unconscious persuasion are simplicity, perceived self-interest, incongruity, confidence and empathy,” or SPICE.

    Their lies are construed to appeal to a common denominator, with self-interest found in juxtaposition with antagonists or the otherwise hated, incongruity in speech (we are not invaders, we are paragons of freedom), confidently and seemingly emphatically brought.

    The truth is that these factors can only be combined in such a circumstance that you are both emotionally detached and shameless, a trait found in (among others) confidence men. True sociopathy is not malicious, but unfeelingly manipulative, and naturally the greatest of narcissists are drawn to such professions.

    Or, in the words of a Dutch journalist: “Naturally our politicians are not those that seek out and propagate interests of others, much in the same way athletes do not hold PhDs. We are in dire straits when the caregivers are out giving care, and our spokesmen are out receiving it.” (Paraphrased and loosely translated.)

    Honest men only with difficulty hold political office, as their honesty and held principles prevent them from addressing the general populace in the direct and flexible ways those seeking only power and public acceptance would.

    Masters of psychology and rhetoric, social engineers are artisans of popular elicitation and influence to serve their own goals.

    It is quite impressive, really, but horrifying above all.

    • I love how your response is longer than my post.

      No, seriously, I do!

      Anyways, school is busy this week–very, very much so!–but I wanted to let you know I will read this in due time. Thanks!

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