Thankless Thursday

Thursdays are awful days to be thankful. Thursdays are not Fridays when the week is almost up and the weekend is right around the corner to look forward to. Thursdays are not Saturdays when I get to sleep in. Thursdays are not Sundays when a new week begins and there’s freshness in the air, inspiration everywhere, and new potential bleeding forth from every orifice of the world.

Thursdays are not Mondays when I get to return to the interesting topics discussed in my classes and see my friends after a lonely weekend. Thursdays are not Tuesdays when I get to go to my creative writing class and indulge myself in my deepest passions. Thursdays are not Wednesdays, the busiest day of the week, when I get to see all my friends in the SGA and then, in the evening, be thankful for surviving all the chaos that inevitably erupts every Wednesday.

Thursdays are Thursdays.

Thursdays are just deep enough into the week to feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but not near enough the week’s end to look forward to relaxation or another week rising on the horizon. Thursdays are Thursdays–and Thursdays are awful days for thankfulness.

Lately I’ve been following a trend of being thankful for the thankless, and I think today is no different: Even though today is a Thursday, and even though Thursdays are the worst day for thankfulness, today I’m thankful for today.

Today began sometime around midnight, when I took an unintentional nap–before I was finished with my homework. I woke up, however, and ended up chatting with a friend for a few minutes, which helped me wake up enough to finish my work and then head to bed.

In my creative writing class, I got to see some of my best friends this semester. Something about being in a room of creative people, being a creative type, is just so different from being in a room of math types or leader types or especially political types and LGBT types and Jewish types. Each of these things are facets of me–and being able to flex each part is important to the whole, just like you must be able to flex all of your muscles individually to use them all together.

In history today we began talking about World War I in great detail. Now, I know it’s a very morbid thing to say, but the parts of history that fascinate me most are the biggest and baddest and bloodiest battles: The French Revolution, the Holocaust, both World Wars. The gravity of the casualties, the cruelty of those in power, the impossible breadth of it all… The French lost seventy-five percent of their military to death or injuries during World War I. How does a nation survive something like that? These questions are bigger than all of us–and I think that’s what I love most about these tragic pages of our past. They were game-changers, revolutionary upheavals, rule-breakers and rule-makers. Not to mention, my history teacher’s awesome this semester, so every lecture he gives is engaging and informative.

When I grabbed lunch, I stumbled across two of my creative writing classmates and while we ate, we spoke about Steve Irwin and Zaboomafoo–TV shows and heroes I haven’t thought about in years! Just yesterday I had the honor of hearing bestselling author Mark Bauerlein speak and he mentioned the importance of holding onto elements from our past despite the cultural compulsion to only focus on the present moment and the forthcoming future. Reminiscing with friends is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done today.

I spent the next few hours walking around campus putting up fliers. I think it’s the third time this week I’ve followed my promotions circuit around campus. No matter, today the weather war beautiful–sunny and warm with a beautiful breeze. Sure, I did get a little sweaty, but overall, it was completely amazing to go for such an awesome stroll around the park.

Out of breath and scintillating in self-made salt water, I made my way to today’s meeting, where we were to speak about possible topics for our school’s upcoming quality enhancement plan for reaccreditation. What I love most about these meetings is that I always learn something new–and especially this year, I’ve been able to contribute to the discussions as if I’m not just a student representative, but a full, active member of the committee. That’s pretty awesome. I don’t often speak up for myself or let my thoughts flow freely, naturally introverted as I am, so when I’m given the opportunity to do so–and I do–it’s amazing.

My last act on campus was putting up a banner on our office window advertising our open positions. I want a good turnout of applicants. I want to see our school in fresh, eager hands next year, and I know the key to this is making sure as many people as possible learn about the SGA. I’m hopeful what we’re doing will draw in a nice crowd.

At home, I got to make dinner. I made a delicious breaded chicken with beans, and my brother made rice, and the meal was amazing. I really do enjoy cooking. Someday I’ll have a family of my own to cook for, so it’s nice to get some practice for that future time. And not only was it fun to cook–it was fun to eat!

Finally, tonight was tutoring again. And I got a tutee! It was so exciting, it’s often so quiet at the online front, but today I got to help someone work through a math problem and it was so satisfying, so rewarding, so incredible to be reminded how much it means to me to show someone how to solve a math problem all on their own. It reminded me of all the reasons I love math, and there’s little else that could round out my day than that–and yet, after this, I’ll get to talk with one of my best friends, and my day will, indeed, become better.

So. Yes. Today was a Thursday, but it was a good Thursday.


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