A Beautiful Lie

I’d like to say my silence this week has been a part of the blackout in opposition to SOPA, but that would be a beautiful lie.

I’d like to say the bill will do as it promises and end internet piracy without infringing upon our individual rights and freedoms (I’m an artist, too–I support intellectual property as much as you do), but that would be a beautiful lie.

I’d like to say I have complete faith in our legislation to do away with SOPA and its ally, PIPA, that they understand freedom and the importance of its protection, but that would be a beautiful lie.

If I can pass on but one lesson before I die, it’s that information is power and you only need information to arm yourself against all the evils of the world. Some may argue it also takes action to implement that information and put it to use, but even action means nothing without information.

If I can impart two lessons before I die, the second would be that we each–as individuals–have the power to effect change upon the universe itself. A single action can seem small and insignificant in the moment, but the consequences are perpetual and the tides, once set in motion, will never return to the same shore.

I’d like to believe that reading these words will inspire you to inform yourself about these dangerous bills. I’d like to believe that reading these words will compel you to take action and fight for a difference in your world and mine. But that, I fear, might be a beautiful lie.

Please prove me wrong.

Arm yourself with information and fight to the end with all of your ammunition: Your voice, your keyboard, your phone, and a pen.

1 thought on “A Beautiful Lie

  1. For those who want a more structured review of why exactly the internet is voicing so hard against SOPA/PIPA, I highly recommend the following two videos:

    They are not all-encompassing, but give some important points for your due consideration.

    We must all rise against censorship, lest we all be censored indefinitely.

    Thanks to everyone who rises in solidarity and camaraderie.

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