On the Wall

Last year I made some miserable mistakes in making my goals: There were too many and they were too broad. I had no way to measure my success or to celebrate small victories along the way. One good thing I did was post them here–that gave me an audience who would witness my shortcomings if I failed to achieve my goals. Then again, I didn’t check back on them enough–and that’s got to changes, too.

Anyways, today starts the new year. And with the new year comes new goals for myself, new endeavors, and new opportunities.

Will you join me?

I’ve thought long and hard about the goals I’d like to make this year, and ordinarily I’d make a lot. I remember filling up entire notebooks with to-do lists for the year and then breaking them into monthly goals and then failing to meet most of them. However, I’ve learned that too much can change in a year to make year-long goals workable unless they’re very specific yet general enough–and important enough–to weather all the storms that any year can throw at you. Knowing that I’ll be moving to State in the fall also weighs on the decisions I’m making now; after all, some goals just won’t make much sense once I’m there, while others will help me more then than now.

Like I said, general but specific.

Goal #1: Take Care of Myself

Getting in better shape? So last year!

This year, I’m vowing to take better care of myself. Health and fitness feel great, and when you’re in good shape, everything is easier–thinking, talking, walking, approaching people. I’m breaking this goal into three specific areas: Staying hydrated, exercising, and relaxing.

First there was water. One of the first lessons we learned in Israel was the saying “Pipi tzahov, lo tov! Pipi lavan, ze mitzuyan!” That is: “Yellow pee? Not good! White [clear] pee? That’s great!” It’s a saying taught to children to ensure they drink enough, since in the desert, not drinking enough can kill you. I drank bottles of water every day, and when I got home, that habit went away. However, water flushes out impurities from your body, fights dry skin, and curbs your appetite. By the end of year, I’d like to drink a full bottle of water every day.

Next is exercising. It feels good and makes you look great. I was in the best shape of my life when I exercised two and three times a week, and that’s what I’d like to get back to this year. By the end of the year, I’d like to work out three times a week, for thirty minutes each time.

Last is relaxing. I put myself under too much stress to not make this a priority. I know how to meditate. I’ve been attuned to Reiki II. I know how to calm myself and soothe my mind–but I don’t. This needs to change, for both my health and my hairline. Therefore, by the end of the year, I’d like to meditate twice a week for fifteen minutes each.

January Goals: This month, I’d like to exercise for at least fifteen minutes at least once a week, meditate for at least five minutes at least once a week, and drink a full bottle of water every three days.

Goal #2: Make History

I’ve spoken a lot about how important it is to my sanity that I stay active with my journal, but I don’t actually get around to writing in it as much as I much as I should. It calms me. It helps me remember and process things. It really is how I hold onto my sanity, and when I lose time journalling, I end up irritable, stressed, and unable to sleep. I need to journal to live. It’s just a part of who I’ve become. To remedy this, by the end of the year I’d like to write in my journal every day.

January Goals: This month, to get started, I want to catch up on all my past-due journaling and write in my journal at least twice a week.

Goal #3: Hit the Road

Learn to drive. Isn’t that saying enough already? I mean, I know I’ll be able to have full access to Raleigh bus transportation once I’m at State, but driving is a much-needed and important skill to have in any modern society. I need to join the ranks behind the steering wheel. If for nothing else, I need the valid ID. Renewing my permit every year is getting old and outright embarrassing.

January Goal: Information is power. Even if I can’t get behind the wheel this month (I’ve still got to see how schedules work out this semester), I need to do as much information-gathering as I can–whether it’s about how to quell irrational fears or whatnot, I need to do something. I’ll define what it is as I get to it.

What? That’s it?!

Um… yes, yes it is. You’re probably wondering why two of my most important goals are absent: Being a good friend and being good in school. It’s quite simple, although each for different reasons.

First, school. I’m naturally a perfectionist. I want to do my best at everything I do without needing to make a goal of it. Second, putting this down as a yearly goal is pointless: Goals are to improve myself, not perpetuate what I’m already doing–and if I reach my other goals, this one will follow naturally. Besides, I feel like making a goal out of good grades is like putting “get the mail” on your to-do list–right after you got it, just so you can cross it off. It’s inflating the feeling of success. I don’t need that this year.

Next, friendship. Friends are no less important to me now than they were yesterday, but “being a better friend” is just too vague to make a goal out of it. My friends are not items on a checklist: They’re people I love and cherish. That’s all the reason I need to stay in touch with them as much as I can. Life will still throw things at me, and there will surely be times when I fall out of touch, but if I can reduce the amount of stress in my life and boost my energy, then making time to be with my friends will happen naturally. Every year I’ve made this goal I’ve failed this goal. It’s time to stop itemizing and just act.

And with that, my year shall be complete. So what are some of your resolutions or goals? Maybe you should share them here, and then we’ll fight for all of our goals together!

5 thoughts on “On the Wall

  1. My goal is to finish something I already should have been done with two days ago. But first, I’ll do something completely unrelated that will only serve to distract me from it.

  2. My goal is to structure my life more. So that I find enough time for all things I need to do as well as those I want to do.

    Btw, things I want to do include a Reading Challenge. Wrote you two PMs on NTWF on this topic, one even including a Challenge suggestion.

  3. Jorn, that’s how my goals often go: Finish what I haven’t finished yet. Oh! Look! There’s something I just *need* to go do…!

    Chaotizitaet, I think it’s AWESOME you found me from the NTWF! I really do miss being there… Regrettably, I will be unable to continue hosting the Readers Challenge, but if you would like to take over for me, I’ll be happy to send you the small amount of challenges I’ve written over the past year. I’ll also try to get to your PMs as soon as I can; school started today, so time is suddenly a lot tighter than it was yesterday.

    • Never underestimate a determined NTWFer ;)
      I’d be honoured to continue the Reading Challenge and happy to get what ideas you compiled of the year.

      Yeah, I know how it is to be busy. I hope school will settle down to a bearable amount of stress soon. Wouldn’t want to see you run ragged by it.


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