Winter Fresh

Time’s gotten away from me today, hasn’t it? I got up, read a bit, did some dishes… and then played Tales for about four hours. But with all my free time, that’s alright, right? Anyways, after that I had to finish the dishes I had put on to soak. So I once more played some music, got into position, and while I was scrubbing away, I considered all the things I could be thankful for today.

Ultimately, it came down to this.

Today, I’m thankful for cleaning.

Take a moment to pry yourself up from the floor if you need it. I have a feeling you might.

Yes, I’m thankful for cleaning. Not that I like to do it much, but let’s be honest, there’s something about cleaning that just feels good. With some music blaring in the background, with sense abandoned in the midst of song, cleaning frees the soul. The menial labor and repetitive motion relaxes the mind (studies have shown this, with more than just cleaning), exercises the body, and something comes over me that fills my head with free thoughts through and through.

Yes, cleaning is a good thing.

And who can argue that everything just shines and sparkles when it’s been freshly cleaned? There’s nothing quite like stepping into my bedroom after it’s been dusted, vacuumed, and put back in order. It feels open again, delivered from all the stress and shadows that have clung onto it for days, weeks, months (only during the semester! Seriously! Why don’t you believe me…?). What about crawling into a freshly made bed, new sheets and all? Like crawling into the very clouds of heaven, I’d say.

Or opening the door to a fully pressed house, straight from the cleaners? Like walking into paradise. And there’s no better place for cooking than a clean kitchen, is there? Forget purification with salt–purify, then salt!

I feel like I could add a few words about cleaning in general, like purging old and ignored friends from Facebook, or tossing out dated materials that have built up in the bottom of my closet, or sweeping widdershins as opposed to deosil, but I feel like leaving it here is plenty enough.

Cleaning is liberating. Have at it.

In the mean time, my cleaning today is done. The dishes are washed, the counters are scrubbed, and Tales is calling out to me from the living room (which should still be vacuumed, but, eh, I’ll get to that later).

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