A Year Ago Today

I had some pretty nifty plans for the New Year…then I got sick. Horribly sick. And I got around to none of it. On the bright side, I am feeling better today, so that’s a start. Perhaps I can salvage some of my plans after all?

Anyways, can you believe this blog is a year old today?

I know I can’t. It feels (to use a grand ol’ cliche) like only yesterday when I was sitting on the ottoman with my computer in my lap signing up for WordPress. I’d written a recap of the last decade to post on a forum I frequent (although not too frequently anymore, I’m shamed to say), and I decided it’d be even more fun to finally start that blog I’d been dreaming about and go for it. So I did.

And I definitely don’t regret it.

Sometimes, when I realise how many people actually read this, I blank out for a moment and wonder why I ever decided to do something as crazy as this, but on the whole, I’m actually quite proud of my accomplishments here. I’ve done something I’ve always wanted to do. (Yes, I haven’t always wanted to host a blog, but I have always wanted to make my writing available for others–and that’s surely what I’ve done here.) And I’ve stuck with it. Certainly I’ve let things fall by the side a few times, but I’ve always come back to it, and I definitely will not let that fall to the side.

So let’s have a look back, shall we?

I’ve had 3,936 views since starting this blog a year ago today. That’s more than 10.78 views per day, which is a lot when you think about it. Can you imagine telling your story to more than ten people every day? Granted, I’m sure a lot of them are from the same people, day after day, but isn’t that just as amazing–that people want to come back at all?

My busiest day was December 25, when I got 73 views on one day! I’m still in shock.

So far I have 114 posts (this is number 115), 311 tags, 11 categories, and 89 comments. That all these numbers except the last have the number eleven in them is pretty awesome, seeing as how we’re in 2011 and all. I’ve posted commentary on the entire first book of the Pirkei Avot; I’ve written and posted over twenty short stories and a handful of essays; I’ve written the first six of twenty-six for my ABCs of GLBT; and I’m almost a fourth of the way through my list of one hundred things to be thankful for.

In fact, after this post, I am going to be a fourth of the way through!

After all, what better way is there to bring in the New Year than by being thankful?

25. My readers–all of you!

I’ve always said I write for myself. This is true. This will always be true. But I share what I write for all of you–the people who read my posts, my essays, my stories. In writing anything, I hope to express myself and sort through my thoughts, to make sense of the world’s craziness or simply follow that fleeting thought I had before. But in sharing what I write, I hope to do something more: I hope to do what writers throughout my lifetime have done for me.

Writers have inspired me. And motivated and encouraged me. They have lifted me up when I felt down, tempered my height when I soared too skyward on my own lofty dreams; they have filled me with thoughts and ideas I never could’ve achieved on my own, and let me live vicariously so many lives I cannot dream of making my own.

And if I can do any of these things, in any small amount, for my readers, I will consider my mission accomplished. Of course, none of these things would at all be possible without having any readers in the first place, and it is for that fact that I am so thankful for all of you today. You give my dedication to this blog purpose; you give my words meaning by finding meaning in them, and you give me satisfaction and pleasure by letting me know that others have enjoyed them. There is no greater joy for a writer than having good readers. And this, this truly is a fact universally acknowledged.

In the coming year, I hope to post more and please more than I ever managed to in 2010. There’ll be the return of Thankful Thursdays, and this summer I’ll begin reading the second book of the Pirkei Avot. I’ll soon begin my adventurous Story Sundays, and with the release of Pokemon Black and White in March, there may yet be the return of my first serial: Pokemon Wednesdays. We’ll see about that one. I also plan on participating in WordPress’s PostAWeek, which is their challenge to bloggers to post at least once a week every week during 2011. Of course, it may be a week or so before things seem to fall into place, because I do still have some plans for bringing in the new year, and since I am feeling somewhat better, I am going to try as best as I can to follow through with them. After all, all of this, I do for you.

So here’s to a Happy New Year, for each and every one of you. Thank you for making 2010 such an incredible year for me; may 2011 bring us as many joys and as many new surprises and adventures as we can hope and wish for. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today

  1. I too have many a thing planned, though the first thing on that list is actually finishing my planning. With that done, I hope to finally train the discipline I so regrettably lack.

    I believe I will manage fine, at least this year. With my study finally properly commencing and the files and drawers filled with notes on subjects still not concluded (and more to surely follow), as well as a constant and peaceful living condition, it is nothing but my own ability that will decide whether I last… or fail. A great thing, that is.

    … And yes, in planning is still an evaluation (though no review, as I prefer remaining distant from gradation) of your two works and the story you dedicated to me (for which you have my wholehearted appreciation, in case you didn’t yet know).

    That said, I must say I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories, fancies and fleeting thoughts as they occur or are presented — and especially those of the last two months. (I have read every post now. :))

    Here’s to a great new year (which really should begin directly after solstice *grunts*), filled with paralyzing nihilism, consequent senseless optimism and the inevitable spiritual rebirth and reliving that will undoubtedly follow as we realize our best and proudest years are yet to come.

    May we continue to create, grow and transcend beyond what we in our so inexperienced mindset cannot yet conceive of.

    Be well.

    ~ Iced

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