Equilibrium at Last

I can’t recall how many times I mentioned here that I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks (partly on account of not having counted, but mostly on account of being so busy). It seemed like all of a sudden everything was happened all at once–but looking back now, I really haven’t a clue what started it all, except that it all started–at once. It brings to mind a quote I read recently that I’m rather fond of:

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. – Albert Einstein

Amidst all of this, physics. Perhaps physics is at the heart of it–metaphorically in that all things are caused by the fundamental laws that dictate our universe, and also literally in that it has been the study of rotation making me dizzy that might have, in the end, been the catalyst for all of this. In any case, it brings to mind equilibrium.

Or more importantly:

17. Rest

When an object is at rest, it’s in equilibrium and not moving. In order for an object to be in equilibrium, two conditions must be met: There must be no net forces acting on it (in such it cannot accelerate) and there must be no net torques acting on it (in such it cannot rotate).

Life, these past couple of weeks, has been anything but a state of equilibrium. Forces were definitely at play–from the new rule at my college about club advisors needing to be full-time, to falling behind in my classes, to the yard sale that my family had–even to the inclusion of new friends who have certainly had a bearing upon my life already.

All these external forces have pushed me and pulled me, made me speed up and prevented me from slowing down, have left me rotating in countless circles from which I wasn’t sure I would ever escape.

But today. Today came easily. It seemed a little rough at the start, but like the stability that rotation brings, all this spinning seemed to straighten itself all of a sudden and set things back on track. Back in equilibrium.

Perhaps it began Tuesday. My new netbook arrived, which made me excited even if I had to spend most of my time still studying and couldn’t do much with it. And Wednesday–yesterday–things started to get better as well. Having finally gotten caught up on my physics reading, I found I could actually understand rotational mechanics at long last–and that I was helping people with problems I hadn’t done yet on my homework–and my methods got them the right answer! Sure, I completely bombed on the last test question and didn’t even answer it, but I can safely say that I tried everything I could think of and I didn’t give up until all my options were exhausted. It was far short of ideal, but certainly not shameful.

Then today. I got to bed late last night, trying to wait for my netbook’s operating system to finish updating, and this morning, it was frozen at thirty percent like it had been last night before I finally succumbed to sleep around two. I called tech support–and you can always imagine how that can be–but after half an hour, just in time for me to get out the door to class on time, my operating system was fully installed and verified, so now it’s ready to use at last.

(Except I still don’t have my case yet, but that’s supposed to arrive today, too.)

All these small things, they’re just small things. The bigger things are the better things, those forces that have come into the equation and set everything at balance once more, returning everything to equilibrium at last.

I met with a potential candidate for the GSA’s new advisor yesterday and she was as passionate and straightforward as I could wish her to be. So today she joined our meeting, and everyone liked her, so now she is officially our full-time co-advisor to meet our school’s requirements. One force neutralised. And our group finally voted on our official club logo! So that’s another one down, too.

And I started reading the next chapter in physics. And I finished my calculus assignment this morning. And I got an extension on my physics homework. And I realised my programming assignments aren’t really do until next Wednesday. And I got to walk in the rain this morning, and I got to yoga on time, and I got to stretch and relax and truly feel at rest for a while. And I got to go running in the gym. And I got to sit beside the lake and eat lunch and read more of Through the Looking Glass, and I’m almost through it, too! And I realised, my favorite movie isn’t The Lion King or August Rush–both of which I love–but Alice in Wonderland, not the original mind you, but Tim Burton’s recent remake. It’s wondrous and it’s colorful and it makes me think of six impossible things before breakfast. It’s a lovely movie, and for some reason, remembering that by the lake made me smile.

I know the world outside is chaotic and restless and has more forces and torques whirling about in it than I can imagine, but at least for today, it felt like all the forces in my world were internal ones, keeping everything just the way it’s meant to be.

Rest is such a wonderful thing.


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