Friendly Fire (Keeps Me Burning Brighter)

There are so many things to be thankful for! I have been so busy this week, working with college administration to approve plans for the GSA and studying for midterms and tests and quizzes all while trying to keep up with homework. I’m not sure how I’ve managed to make it so far this week without going insane or losing it, but somehow I’ve done it.

I think the biggest thing I’m thankful for right now are the ones that have made all of this bearable.

16: Friends

I’ll start with a disclaimer: I’m a horrible friend. I somehow have it in me to make the least time for my most important friends, which sucks, especially since I tend to engulf myself in school and work so thoroughly I don’t have time to devote to my friends, who truly deserve all the time I give them and so much more. Yes, I’ve been a very successful college student so far and I hope to continue to do so, but all of this does come at a cost–and that cost is being able to spend quality time with my friends, those online and offline.

To my friends who are online–you have made me wiser, more thoughtful, and a better writer, and perhaps most importantly, made feel more loved and appreciated than almost anyone else I know. Thank you.

To my friends who are also classmates–you have helped me to understand by helping me, have helped me to understand better by accepting my help, and have made class so much fun I look forward to it more than possible. Thank you.

To my friends who are also family–you have stuck by me at my worst times and have supported me at my best. And you’re always fun to watch TV with and give commentary WHEN it’s brief, relevant to the show, and not intrusive. Otherwise, thank you for watching quietly. And for everything else. Thank you.

To my friends who are also club members–you might as well be family. Chalking up the sidewalk today was awesome and fantastic fun. You have made me stronger, more open, and more willing to lead. I might have fallen into leadership accidentally, but it’s for you that I’ve fallen in love with it. Thank you.

To my friends from the SLI–Blue Rocks! And Gold, Red, and Purple aren’t half-bad. You’ve made me learn and grow beyond my wildest imagination and made me a greater leader than I ever thought possible. Thank you.

To my friends from AMHSI–we might not keep in touch anymore, but you helped me to come out of my shell and truly start to open up to others. The man who came back from Israel wasn’t the man who went–and I owe that to each of you, for your support, your acceptance, your companionship and quarantine and endless laughter and playfulness, innuendo and tears. Thank you.

And to my friends who are all of these, you’re special, or none of these, you’re just as important–and never forget that!

I have friends in high places and friends in low places, friends I once loved romantically and friends I love beyond romance, friends I’ve known for years and friends I’ve just met, friends I see every day at class and friends I’ve never met in person–but it’s for all of you, because of each of you, that my life has been so joyous and so profoundly fulfilling and endlessly worth living.

Thank you.


One thought on “Friendly Fire (Keeps Me Burning Brighter)

  1. made me tear up… you are such an amazing person Darren. Your friends are very lucky to have you as a friend… I know I am.

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