Ten Percent Down

This is Thankful Thursday number ten, marking the first ten percent of my hundred things to be thankful for being completed at last. It’s also the first post I’ve written all week–which is for me an incredible let down, and not of the platinum-making variety. Life has been busy. School’s starting to swing in full, and my physics lab assignment in particular has taken up every ounce of time I’ve had since I started it on Friday (but thankfully, it’ll be finished tonight).

It’s something else I’m thankful for today, however. And that begins with a confession.

One of my greatest faults is that I’m not prompt or incredibly successful in keeping up with friends. Friends understand that I’m busy, I reason, and they know I’ve got other responsibilities with deadlines to get to first. So I leave their emails to finish one thing on time, but by the time I finish that one thing, I’ve got two more deadlines on the way. It’s difficult to keep in touch with friends, and I find myself apologizing every time I write back.

One friend, however, one of my longest and closest friends despite how shamefully infrequently I return his emails, not only understands my predicament, but also applauds me for my diligence. I’m honored to have such a friend.

10. Commitment

However much it feels like a fault sometimes, I’m thankful I’m able to remain so committed–to my studies, to my jobs, to my positions as officers in not one, but two student organizations. It’s not only my own commitment that I admire: I admire heavily the commitment of those around me, from my teachers to my classmates, to those I work with in my clubs, people who aren’t always obligated to do, but still do because of the passion they feel for their cause.

It sometimes feels today like nobody cares, that people are flighty and fearful of commitment in every form it takes. Seeing people committed to what they do, committed to what they believe, committed to doing what’s right–they inspire me. They make me try harder and strive to be more than I am. They make me want to stay as committed as I am and become even more so–to my friends especially, who often miss feeling this same level of commitment that I give elsewhere–and I’m thankful to each of them for this precious gift they give me by doing what they always do.

It’s a shortcoming, keeping up with my friends, but it’s a shortcoming I feel I can overcome. I simply have to stay committed to it.


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