For Just Us

I had a whole post planned out…and then I got caught up in TV and header designs and talking with friends and forgot all about it. But that’s no reason not be thankful–in fact, TVs and headers and friends are all great things to be thankful for (and I’m thankful that I’ve got the opportunity to spend my time in such ways, when I know many in this world sadly do not), but it’s something else I’d like to be thankful for today. Something that seems affects the GLBT community, but also affects all of us.

7. I’m thankful for justice.

Yes. I’m thankful for just ice, because when it’s hot outside, and you want to be cold inside, you need one thing, and one thing only: just ice.

Or not. You need a glass and water and air conditioning, a fan, something extra to fan yourself, and the shade of a nice leafy tree to lie under. But all these things, coupled with the bit of ice, come together to cool you off. And in the same way, a lot of forces have come together recently in the pursuit of justice, and I know I’m indebted to each of them, even if I don’t know any of them.

You’ve probably heard this already: Yesterday in California, Proposition 8 was voted unconstitutional. And it should be! How can anyone vote away the rights of another and feel neither shame nor regret but instead pride in their own prejudice? Love is a family value, and family is a traditional value–and I don’t understand those who say that allowing people in love to marry each other will ruin such traditional values as these! As many a t-shirt has said, hate is not a family value.

I’d like my own family one day, but I suppose saying a “my own family” is rather vague in the first place. I’ve already got a family. My nuclear family, my extended family, my Phi Theta Kappa and GSA families, my Ambassador family, my NTWF family, my synagogue family, my school family, my best friends who are sometimes closer than family. All of these people are my family. But there’s still an illusion to this world that until you’re the head of the household–or at least co-head, as those married should be–it’s not truly “your own” family. I want to be married someday. I want to have children some day.

And these people, fueled by hate, are fighting to take that future away.

I can only stand and fight so much on my own. I have not the power nor the strength to tackle every battle there is to fight. But thankfully, as seen in Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, there are plenty men and women as capable and then much more capable than I am in fighting this fight, and with their help, with all the little things I can do, with the help of the just and righteous worldwide, what’s right will in the end win out.

Remember: If you’re the S in GSA, it’s not for just us, but justice.


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