Words will come

I’m a writer. That’s already been established. What’s not been said, however, is that I plan on using this blog for more than a solely personal agenda: I also hope to use it to make some of my writing, both nonfiction and fictional, available for others to read online. Though I do hope some day to be published and well-known, everyone has to start somewhere, and the feedback and general awareness I get here will only help me to reach my goals in the end.

In way of nonfiction, I’ll be posting various essays that I’ve written over the years. Sometimes they’ll be remnants from discussions and chats I’ve had across internet forums from subjects ranging from religion to climate change, but more frequently they’ll probably be essays I’ve had to write for school that are now fairly useless to me since they’ve been graded and those classes have ended. However, they’re still good writing, and I’m sure there’s plenty of people interested in religion, gay rights, deviance, and whatever other topics I might have to write about that will enjoy reading what I’ve already written. I got my grades, and they can get the rest.

As for fiction, I won’t be posting full stories here. That makes it difficult for them to be published later on. However, I will occasionally post writing experiments inspired by writing prompts that have been suggested to me (look at the suggest content page at the top of the website) and that I’ve been given and/or have found online. Who knows, if any of these should acquire a life of their own, I may even turn it into an impromptu serial…. We’ll see about that one.

In any case, I look forward to sharing my thoughts and stories, and I hope you’ll all enjoy them.

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